The coolest thing about the internet is the ability to tap into the collective genius, and discover a really amazing, free, application.

WebGrader is one such application. Now, in one report you can find out everything you need to know about your web sites performance, with hints for improvement.   And, they even provide a comparison to several of your competitors sites.

So how did I do?   Not too bad:  With a score of 79% overall I have a few things to work on.  My nearest competitors scored 87% and 35% respectively.

I got high marks for my blog and inbound  links but scored low for too many Meta tags.   While some of the changes requre a bit of coding, many of them will be a snap to do.

How do you score?

People often ask me how I stay on top of all the newest applications.  It is easy, I read Doug Karr’s blog regularly!