Building traffic to your website is not an individual activity!  Today, websites are ranked, not only by the amount of traffic, but the amount of links to the site. So to improve your rankings, you need to consider a strategy which includes a bit of link love!

What is link love?  It is a process of promoting or suggesting other websites through links, particularly in your blog posts.  Working with friends and business associates, you can request they return the favor.  And if you generate high quality content, it is very likely other folks will send a little love your way, as well.

For example: Resources for local small business owners:

  1. – This is a site I developed with a local attorney
  2. – National resource
  3. – Local news for small business owners
  4. – Lively local social network
  5. – Marketing Technology Blog ( This is where I go to get my questions answered!)

You can list your links as I have done above, or simply include a link to a local organization, like Rainmakers in your text.  As long as the information is clear and relevant, it is good love!

And if you would like to send me some, that would be fine too!