I believe in the power of social networks.  As a consultant, I rely on various networks and blogs for information and as a place to post new content.

I am on Twitter, Brightkite, Facebook, LinkedIN, Plaxo,  Smaller Indiana,  and LetsMakeitRain.  I try to post regularly, and follow comments and new posts by friends and associates.

I also post content on my own blogs: Business Notes From Roundpeg, Lorraine Ball.com, Indy-Biz.com and 866MyNyBiz.com and on several lenses on Squidoo.

Keeping the content fresh is hard enough, finding time to log in and read all the content is overwhemling …

Then along comes FriendFeed – and life just got simpler!  While I still need to post content on sites indidually,  I can catch up on everyone I am following all in one place, post comments and read what others have to say.

I haven’t used it long, but I think I am going to be a FriendFeed Fan,  Thanks to Kyle Lacy for pointing me in this direction.