Every day  there are hundreds of journalists working on stories for traditional media and on-line publications. How do they find sources for these stories? It is easy if they are one of the 20,000 members of HARO

Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is the brain-child of East Coast PR pro Peter Shankman.  It started out as Facebook group, but today has it’s own website, and a wish-list distribution sending story ideas to member up times a day.

I have been hooked up with HARO for about a month, and have already connected several clients with writers across the nation.   If you are a PR professional, or have an interesting story to tell, you should connect to HARO

Here are just some of the 33 topics requested in the Monday morning email.

1) Gas Prices and Work (Major National Daily Newspaper)

2) Back to Work with Manager who’s unqualified to Manage (Workwise)

3) Seeking Entrepreneurs Who Give Employees Reasons to Get Fit (National Mag)

4) Advisor on Islamic Investing (MSN Money)

5) What to look for when searching for Daycare? (Star Herald)

6) Cruise Meeting Planners (Smart Meetings Magazine)

7) Letters to Santa Feature (Creators News Service)

8) Active Women and Arthritis

9) Elections and Commercial Real Estate

10) New England Co-Op Condo Board Members

11) Nutrition or Parenting Experts Needed

12) Do Lenders Really Want to Help?

13) Assorted Travel Requests (Hitched Magazine)

14) Moms of Teens and Tweens

15) Indie Video Game Studio (1Up)

16) Evangelical Marketing

17) Industry Social Networks

18) Incidences of ALS in Vermont

19) Linked In Recommendations (Wired!)