This is a great article on 10 Biggest Networking No-Nos written by Liz Ryan for Yahoo

While directed at job hunters, her comments are right on target for every networker. This was my favortie:

7. I Practiced It; I Have to Deliver It

Spitting your “elevator speech,” unsolicited, into a new acquaintance’s face is a major networking faux pas that happens far too often. Conversation is a give-and-take activity, and isn’t built to enable either participant to launch a 30-second-or-longer monologue about his business. Wait for your conversation partner to ask questions — don’t shower her with details about your fabulous firm and its amazing products.

For the rest of the article check out her blog post: Networking No-Nos by Liz Ryan for Yahoo

Thanks to Rainmaker Michele Urban who sent me the original link to this article.