Email while sometimes overwhelimg is still the easiest and most convenient method for communication within the small business community. Whether you are dealing with your suppliers, peers, or clients, communicating electronically is the way of doing business for a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs.

As a result, your email is an important element of your branding. If you are still using aol, yahoo, or hotmail as your email address, you are telling the world you are not really ready for business. Getting a branded email address is relatively simple, and inexpensive.

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And while you are at it, it is time for a web page. Web pages have changed, they are no longer overpriced, hard to manage, impossible to update, and under utilized. A simple starter website from Roundpeg gives you a professional presence, a format that is easy to update, and easy for search engines to find. Call today: 317-569-1396 to discover how easy it is to be “on the net”