Search Engine Optimization is complicated and it comes down to one question, what works best? I came across an article that explains everything a small business owner should know about SEO, because it is vital to grow on the internet and reach success.

The article does a good job of explaining what is SEO and why you as a small business owner should care.

As the internet continues to expand, we turn to  search engines to make sense of all the content and find what we are looking for.  As the author explains: SEO activities are focused on getting you ranked well and helping you profit from search engines.

  • SEO brings traffic.  – The search engines direct people to your website, when they are in the market to buy
  • SEO increases visibility.  Showing up in searches, even if people don’t always click on your link, help build brand awareness
  • If you set yourself up correctly you can benefit for years. – I don’t necessarily agree with this.  SEO is something you need to continually adjust to stay one step ahead of your competitors.
  • SEO is a necessary step to marketing your business online.

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