Written by Amy Rowe

Ok, so here I am on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, indoors with a bunch of bloggers… so I hope I learn somehting!

Opening comments by Chris Baggott, Doug Karr, and Kevin Makics set the tone, with their own personal reasons for blogging.
Chris Baggott – Blogs primarily for business. My key take away from his comments: … People won’t subscribe to blog, or read it on a regular basis, but will find your blog through SEO when you write about topics which are relevant for them. Research shows you will win more searches then primary web site.

Kevin Makice’s blog began with the birth of their son. Today it covers a range of topics, with content provided by both he, his wife, and now his son. My key take away from his comments: Blogs are about finding different perspectives, from lots of different people, with lots of different perspectives. No one person will have the right answers but by reviewing all these different perspectives the truth will emerge

Doug Karr shared his thoughts on why people and companies should blog and how to do it right: My key take away from his comments:

Why Blog – Connect spheres of influence, education, influence, branding, networking, escape, fulfillment and money! And it allows him to remember stuff.

If you are going to do this do it right: Your blog needs to be driven by: Transparency, consistency passion, participate, momentum (steady, consistent effort) committee, coordination (with other marketing tools) and measurement

Rules for the Day
Whoever comes are the right people
Whatever happens is the only thing could have
Whenver it starts is the right time
When it’s over, it’s over