Social Media

There is an ongoing debate about the productivity of social media. Is it a waste of time or business savior? The truth lies somewhere in the middle. We believe most businesses can benefit from a targeted, smart social media plan. Maybe that means a fun business-to-consumer Facebook contest, or a concentrated LinkedIn outreach program. The uses of social media are as different as each individual company–let us help you decide the best way for you to use social media to keep in touch with current customers and meet new ones.


You know social media is important, but can it really apply to your company? Come visit the Roundpeg office for a friendly but in-depth conversation about your business, your client base, your goals, your budget and your current marketing activities. Based on this conversation, we’ll present you with a comprehensive social media strategy, including the best networks to post on, the best times to post, the best topics to talk about and how to measure your success. From there, you can go forth and be social.


Contrary to popular belief, social media is not free. Sure, a lot of the tools are, but the investment of time required to make your business successful on social media can be daunting. So take it off your plate and let us take care of all the work for you. From posting baseline updates on your accounts a few times a day to taking over the account and becoming your digital voice, you choose how involved you’d like us to be. Every month, we’ll have a conversation about goals, outcomes and next steps.

Ghost Blogging

Blogging may have a funny name, but it can be a serious boost for your business. Blogging is an excellent way to establish yourself as an expert in your field, become more human to your clients and boost your search engine rankings. But it can also take a lot of time to blog multiple times a week. Relax, we’ve got you covered. The Roundpeg writing team will create blog posts that sound and feel like you, writing about topics that are interesting and relevant to your site visitors. You’ll join us for monthly meetings where we’ll discuss new blog topics, your blog’s success and where we go from here. Or, just sit back and let us take care of your blog.

Social Media Training

Social networks aren’t always easy to understand. There’s all kinds of jargon, mysterious buttons and the question of what the heck do you actually do with social media? Don’t worry–you can learn. While it may look scary from the outside, you can learn to use social media efficiently and effectively with the right training. You’ll get behind the driver’s seat in one of our private, hands-on training sessions, learning not just the nuts and bolts of social networks, but also the strategy that will make you a social media success.

Roundpeg, an Indianapolis social media firm, offers ghost blogging, marketing, web design and social networking support.