More than a Few Words

A marketing podcast for business owners.

Warm Leads with Content Marketing

As a sales professional, you know a prospect who is referred to you is always more likely to become a customer than someone found you in a Google search.  Why? because the referral has been "introduced" to you by someone they trust.  They are already predisposed to...

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Social Media Tips for Non Profit Groups

Social media opens up a wealth of possibilities for small not for profit associations and community groups. With access to a computer and some time they can spread their messages to a large community of friends, supporters and donors.  We have had a number of...

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Consistency Wins

When you're busy (which, let's face it, is always), it's so easy to let a week slide by without writing any new content for your blog or responding to content sent over by your marketing company. It's understandable, but in order to have great content marketing,...

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What makes you unique?

In a sea of companies which offer similar services, if you want to win the sale, your answer needs to be confident and compelling.  One of the best ways to prepare to answer that questions is to create a brand position statement which clearly defines how you stand...

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Facebook is Still Alive and Kicking

From our archive: About 18 months ago, Allison and I debated whether Facebook was on the way out. We agreed that even though people were spending less time on Facebook it still had a place in the marketing mix of many small businesses. We talked about the shifting...

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Where does it hurt

Sales begin with pain. Customers come to you when they are not happy about something. It is your job to figure out what is causing pain and show them how your product can make the pain go away. This short program is from our archive and features Lorraine's former...

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Super Bowl 2015 Ads: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Whether you enjoyed the big game or felt your gut sink in the final moments, this year's Super Bowl was packed with big budget ads. Some were funny, some were sad and all of them were expensive. Were they all smart advertising choices? We weigh in with our opinions....

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Home Service Sales

When you are selling in someone's home there are lots of things you can do to make the sales process more personal. Taking a look at your in-home business and maintenance processes can give you ideas for increasing customer satisfaction and generate more sales. In...

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Customers for Life

What if you never had to find another new client ever again? Sound too good to be true? It doesn't have to be if you put in the work up front to understand how valuable loyal, returning customers can be for your business. This week Lorraine and Jarred talk about how...

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