More than a Few Words

A marketing conversation for business owners.

More than a Few Words (MTFW) is marketing podcast for business owners. Some weeks the team here at the ‘Peg chat about what we are working on or emerging marketing trends.  Other weeks we invite marketing pros from around the country to join us and share what they are working on.

Listen to the most recent episodes and read the companion blog posts here, or download MTFW wherever you get your podcasts. 


Overview: Auto-Response Campaigns

Auto-response campaigns help you stay in touch with existing and prospective customers even when you are busy doing other things. Yes, every day is different and every customer is different, but if you want to be successful, you need to create standard processes and...

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Are You The One? | Personalized Marketing

Let's face it we all want to feel special. In any interaction, we want to feel that the other person is focused on us, our needs and our concerns. This internal focus of customers actually presents an opportunity for businesses and marketing professionals who are...

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Hello, My Name Is

Why You Need Employee Profiles On Your Website Every organization is made up of people. We know that, but some companies seem to be content to hide behind a faceless corporate profile. While that may be ok for a large corporate entity, small business owners have a...

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Web Design Lessons: Battle of the Bands Edition Part 2

The intermission is almost over. Make sure you are stocked up on overpriced food and drinks, find your seats and get ready for the second half of the show. We are back talking about web design, music venue web design to be exact. A good website and web design for a...

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MTFW: Action Generating Email Marketing

"You've got mail" Do you remember when those three little words made you smile? It is hard to believe it has been more than twenty-five years since we first logged onto the Internet via a very slow dial-up modem to hear those words.  As in any long-term...

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MTFW: The Facebook Toolkit

Mark Zuckerberg is committed to making Facebook your portal to the Internet.  He sees it as a place where people come together and companies find customers. To help you find customers Facebook continues to innovate and roll out new products for small business...

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