Jenna Giles

Art Director

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Not as terrifying as she looks. Maybe.


Jenna received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Indiana University and has continued to refine her design skills and sarcastic comebacks ever since. As Art Director, Jenna tackles visual styling for web, print and branding. She brings client visions to life and can turn almost anything into a weapon. .

While Jenna is primarily the Art Director, she moonlights as the head of the officially unofficial HR department. “If there’s something I wouldn’t do; I’m positive no one else should do it. That’s how we tell where the line is.”

Favorite memory from the peg: “I was about one month in at Roundpeg and Lorraine successfully opened a bottle of wine with a screwdriver and a hammer. That’s how I knew I was in the right place.”

“Your mortal enemies hate nothing more than being called ‘pal’.”

What she’s up to:

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