A few years ago, I commented on a blog post about how you decide who you choose to follow on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. The comment led to a lively online conversation with Des Walsh in which I politely disagreed with his approach.

In response, he invited me to chat with him via Skype and connect on LinkedIn. While we don’t talk to each other regularly, I do keep up with him via his status updates on LinkedIn. And so when he invited me to join his 30 Day LinkedIn Challenge, I was intrigued.

Three weeks into the challenge, I have learned a number of things which have made the time I am spending on this network significantly more productive.  This week, Allison and I will be sharing some of our best tips. And if you would like to hear more on this topic, check out an interview I recorded with Des a few weeks ago.

Join the Conversation or Listen to the Marketing Podcast on Wednesday, November 21

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Des was also gracious enough to share one of his presentations on the topic of how to build a solid following

About Des Walsh
Des is a power LinkedIn user and so far the group has really helped me expand my LinkedIn activities. I have enjoyed being a part of the group so much, I convinced Des to join me for a conversation. Unfortunately, he is based in Australia  so we prerecorded the program, but Allison and I will be live tweeting answers to your comments.

Join the Conversation or Listen to the Marketing Podcast on Wednesday, November 21

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